I love Thanksgiving. I don’t love Thanksgiving. Both are equally true. A lot of it comes down to sharing a meal with our Paducah family and friends. There’s something special about getting to gather at the dinner table and express gratitude for a roast turkey and cranberry sauce (one of the only times any of us think about that sour fruit). 

But, also, sometimes the hours of cooking, mountains of dishes, and the debate-style standoff discussions around that table can make us want to avoid it all, get takeout, and call it a day.

Maybe this year, though, we can all take a cue from our legislative and executive branches who managed to agree to the stop gap spending bill to avoid a government shutdown (at least until early next year). If the government can find a way to work together, we can all find the grace to do the same at our dinner tables.

Because, the truth is, not every Paducah person gets a Happy Thanksgiving meal, let alone the chance to sit down around a table with people they love. And with so many difficult things happening both in-country and abroad, moments like these matter.

So, let’s not forget the main thing this season: Being thankful for REAL things in our lives — things (or people) that we can actually name… not just some abstract idea of “gratitude” that doesn’t apply to our daily lives.

Because if we look back on when Thanksgiving became an official holiday …

The country was in the middle of a terrible war. It was ripping families apart and causing bloodshed and death. That’s when, in 1863, Abraham Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Because, even when devastation was surrounding everyone, he knew there’s ALWAYS the possibility for hope on the horizon.

So, let’s take a cue from this history and remember that no matter what we’re facing, we can always reach toward the example of those who have gone before us to find that hope … and move toward gratitude.

I’ll start. For us here at M Dean Owen, CPA, PSC, we are so grateful for YOU. My team and I love serving you and being a beacon of financial hope for you and your family. 

YOU are like family to us, and we look forward to walking with you through what 2024 will bring, saving you on your taxes, and pointing you towards gratitude and joy whenever possible.

Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours,

Dean Owen