Dean and Priya helped me work through settling my sister’s estate in another state. It was a stressful time, but each time we met with Dean or Priya, things just worked out for us and the stress level almost evaporated. We feel a lot more like family than clients.

More like a family than clients


Dean met with mom YEARS ago and looked over her portfolio and pointed out the kids would owe over $400,000 on inherited accounts. It took a lot of years, but Dean got the entire portfolio set up so none of the beneficiaries owed any tax, and mom paid less than $100K in tax. That is $300,000 in saved taxes! When it comes to taxes, we trust Dean and his team, period.

$300,000 in saved taxes


Dean and Paige put together a tax plan for us that is saving us $26,000 a year in taxes, and it is 100% legal. They helped implement the plan, and routinely look everything over to make sure we are on the straight and narrow. They are great to work with, worth way more than we pays them, and make things like ugly and grinding taxes into just a process that they largely take care of.

Saving us $26,000 a year in taxes


Owen CPA takes care of all of 5 businesses taxes and payroll and has for almost 20 years. We have had a couple sales tax audits and Dean’s team killed it. When Kentucky wanted a payment of six figures, Dean got it down to less than $2000. Extremely easy to work with, very responsive, very knowledgeable, very proactive.

Extremely easy to work with


Dean and his team have been amazing, proactive, and knowledgeable. We had some overly complex tax issues to get through, and they took care of 100% of them. We have been clients for years, and every month they take care of our sales tax, payroll taxes, and anything else that comes up. We are also paying tens of thousands of dollars in less tax.

Amazing, Proactive and Knowledgeable


Dean has always been responsive and informative. Even with one off situation he has the resources to get us the information needed to get the results we need. He and his team have been our CPA for over 20 years, and we consistently pay less in taxes, and managing our business filings is a breeze. They take care of all of it.

Responsive and informative


Amazing level of tax, busines, and financial expertise and wisdom. The advice we get from Dean Owen CPA is not just some wild theories of what we could do, but practical, real world, simple to implement plans that make retirement easier, more rewarding, and we pay a lot less in tax. And so will our kids when they inherit money. Dean’s team looks not just at our situation, but down the road to how our kids will be taxed, it is truly multi-generational planning.

Amazing level of tax


We feel more like family than clients of Dean Owen CPA. Every meeting is warm, focused on our wants and needs, and it is obvious the advice is in our best interest. We feel like when meeting with anyone from Dean Owen CPA we are the only people in their world. Very specialized financial advice and tax planning. We have saved over $100,000 in taxes as a result of their very personalized advice.

Saved me over $100,000.00

D&R R.

When we went to Dean, mom’s portfolio was going to result in over $250,000 in taxes to me, the beneficiary because it was all in annuities. It took a lot of years of work but Dean diligently worked with us to slowly convert the money into ROTH accounts at very low tax rates, instead of me paying over $250,000 in tax, Mom paid less than $50K. Mom is gone now, but her wish that the kids pay no tax on inherited money was realized. When it comes to my taxes and retirement, we trust Dean, completely.

We trust Dean, completely